Cardiovascular Risk Reduction for Hypertriglyceridemia with Refined EPA (icosapent ethyl)

REDUCE-IT was a clinical trial funded by pharma to assess the safety and benefit of a highly concentrated form of the Omega-3 EPA, icosapent ethyl, in reducing cardiovascular events among patients with high triglycerides.

The refined Omega-3 EPA was subsequently approved by the FDA and given the brand name VASCEPA.

REDUCE-IT Reduction in total CV events were recently announced and included the following:

In statin-treated adults with well-controlled LDL-C and CV risk factors including TG > 135 mg/dL and either established CVD or diabetes and other CV risk factors the following was reported

The median follow up was under 4.9 years and the highly refined EPA, VASCEPA, reduced events noted as early as 1 year. NNT (Number needed to treat) was just 21.

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