Processed and Packaged- Foods that kill

Candice Choi offered up wonderful article in AP News highlighting the dangers of processed foods from a clinical and research perspective.

Points of interest include:

  • Processed means curing, freezing, milling or pasteurization
  • Almost all foods are somewhat processed
  • Scientists created 4 categories of processed foods
    • Group 1: Unprocessed or minimally processed foods
    • Group 2: Processed culinary ingredients  (pressing, refining, grinding, milling, and drying items from Group 1)
    • Group 3: Processed foods (bottled, canned, adding salt, adding oil, adding sugar, or other substances from Group 2)
    • Group 4: Ultra-processed foods (not so much modified as they are formulated from substances derived from foods and additives with little if any Group 1 intact)
  • Processed foods have more calories (500 more) compared to similar unprocessed foods
  • More processed foods yields more heart disease
  • More processed foods yields more death in general

Candice Choi's article may be read here.


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