Why we may need a primary care revolution- Harvard?

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  • Disclosures
    • Speaker is a primary care advocate
    • Speaker has a relationship to Bicycle Health
  • Why revolution?
    • US has best healthcare system in the world
    • Major Challenges
    • Cost 2x more than any other country
    • Worse outcomes vs comparable countries
      • Life expectancy
      • Infant mortality
    • Payments for primary care visits undervalues the role and skill of providers
    • Burnout, student loan burden, lower salaries and prestige compared to other specialties, workforce shortage
  • What is Primary Care
    •  "Primary Care is an opportunity to really develop relationships with patients. I believe deeply in the value of relationships."
    • Over a career have developed multi-generational continuity of care their family and their community
    • Continuity over time
    • First access
    • Navigate complex health system
    • See patients bring in so many different types of problems therefore interesting each day
    • Coordinate and make decisions together
    • Interpret information from specialists
    • Comprehensiveness of services
      • +behaviorists
      • +substance abuse
  • Context of value
    • Value is important to primary care
    • Currently the US healthcare system is high cost low quality overall as a healthcare system)
    • As number of General Practitioners increase in a population quality of care increases
    • As general practitioners increase cost go down 
  • Population Health Markers
    • Life expectancy
    • Primary care has the opportunity to save lives, does it translate statistically?
      • Counties that gained primary care physicians (increase primary care physician density) saw increase of life expectancy
      • Density of Primary Care Physicians is decreasing
    • Does increasing primary care decrease health care costs? Research supports that primary care investment reduces costs (and saves lives)
  • Concern -> Task Force -> Strategy -> Funding Harvard's Center For Primary Care





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